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We Are Your Total Baby Boomer Downsizing, Relocation and Moving Connection

Senior Relocation Services

Life Is Rich With Blessings.
But Those Blessings Can Get LOST in the Stuff.

If you or a loved one is READY to transition to the simpler life of a smaller home or retirement community, the accumulated stuff in the home often presents a challenge for relocation:

  • Where will it go?
  • What shall we keep?
  • And what shall we do with the rest?

It’s Like Moving a MOUNTAIN.

This feeling can create anxiety and even terror in the hearts of baby boomers and  seniors alike, weighing them down, keeping them STUCK, preventing needed liquidation  and relocation to, from, or within the Columbus, Ohio region. 

relocation services
Columbus Ohio Relocation Services

We Are Suzy’s Helping Hands, and We Know the Anxiety and Overwhelm.

Columbus, Ohio, Moving Specialists

And yet, we also see the tremendous opportunity before you for relocation and positive Transformation!

After more than 14 years and over 1,000 happy clients, we are EXPERTS at managing all of the moving parts, lifting your burden of relocation.

With our in-house team and strategic partners, WE DO IT ALL, from the first conversation with you, to when you lay your head to sleep in your new home the night of Transformation Day (and even after!).

We are your Columbus, Ohio downsizing, liquidation, moving and relocation specialists.

We Do It ALL in Columbus, Ohio

Relocation. Liquidation. Downsizing. Prepare for Sale. Move.

With 1,000 Happy Clients, We Know Our Business

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We Manage the Moving Parts. ALL OF THEM.
We Couldn't Do It Without the Help of Our Trusted Partners.