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Downsizing and Move Management requires an ensemble of experts from many professions. We specialize in these relationships, and only partner with professionals of the highest integrity.

Resale / Liquidation

Auction Ohio

“We have worked with Auction Ohio for years. So often our clients have many things of tremendous value, but the time has come to let these things go. This is when we bring Auction Ohio on board to liquidate unwanted items of value for the maximum return.”

“Auctions are either held online, or actually in the home (and sometimes both). For a live, in-home auction, there is strict process that is followed over a period of eight days. Every item is cataloged and appraised. Their expertise has led to a track record of 98% of their items sold, for the best return possible. Their team is highly ethical and professional, and we will not work with anyone else.”

Grandview Merchantile

“Grandview Mercantile is the largest, upscale resale shop in the country. We work with them because they have the expertise and discernment of what will sell through their store. They also have a keen understanding of fine art and can appraise it correctly. Bottom line: their track record of maximizing revenue for our clients is tremendous.”

Amelia Jeffers

“Amelia Jeffers is an internationally-known auction professional with more than 20 years’ of experience, exceeding $100 million in sales. When it comes to top-tier art, antiques, and hard-to-value assets in every collectible field, Amelia knows how to reach the right buyers. She also provides critical documentation for valuable objects, giving peace of mind and protection prior to handling, shipment, and estate settlement. Amelia works with the most well-known auction houses in the country - including Christie's, Sotheby's, Hindman, Cowan's, and Selkirk.”

Move Management

E.E. Ward Moving & Storage Co.

“E.E. Ward is one of the oldest companies of its kind in the nation. Their standards of moving, from packing to moving to setting the new homes up for our clients are beyond stellar. Their movers are with you from beginning to end; their perfection in packing a truck with our clients’ goods is coordinated down to a science. Everyone who works in the company is an EXPERT, and they are all very involved in the moves. And the president of the company has integrity the highest standards of a moving operation.”

Buckeye Crating & Third Party Solutions

“Buckeye specializes in custom crating and packaging solutions for most household and commercial items. With industry experience of over 20 years, they pride themselves in handling the most valuable and fragile items. This includes artwork of any material, chandeliers, glass tabletops, large mirrors, pool table slates, stone furniture tops, taxidermy, and technology. They build custom wooden crates to the size of the piece and use item-specific packing materials and bracing methods to ensure safe shipping to anywhere in the world.”

Navis Pack & Ship

“As part of our complete Move Management service, we trust Navis when it comes to specific items that require special care, attention and protection during a move. Navis Pack & Ship specializes in custom packaging, crating and shipping of large, fragile or valuable items, and have one of the best reputations in the industry. When faced with unique, ultra valuable or bulky items to be moved, we have been exceptionally pleased with how Navis has come through for our clients.”

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