Our Team | Suzy’s Helping Hands

Suzy Smith

Suzy was raised as an army brat, and with her extensive retail and customer service background, she leads a team that is focused on all aspects of logistics related to downsizing, moving and transitioning the Senior and Baby Boomer market. From beginning to end they leave no stone unturned. The company’s mission – the customer is #1

Kieran Adamo
assistant move manager

Keiran is a wonderful addition to the team. A top notch mover and liquidator, he handles every client's needs with excellence and ease.

Kellie Ali
assistant project manager

Kellie’s attention to detail makes her a great organizer and packer. She assists the project managers on both large and small jobs.

Leslie Baltimore
relocation & downsizing project manager

Prior to Suzy’s Helping Hands, Leslie’s experience in the resale industry leads to her attention to detail in the downsizing, organizing, and decorating areas. Her gentle and positive approach helps ease the emotional stress of moving and allows for a smooth transition from start to finish. Additionally, she excels in the area of preparing the home to sell, from staging to identifying maintenance areas.

Lori Conners
office manager / field coordinator

Lori assists both in the office with day-to-day tasks as well as in the field, assisting the project managers and operation manager with her packing and organizing skills.

Mark McPheters
moving, liquidation & handyman services

Mark coordinates all details of moves, liquidations, and clear outs for the company. He also specializes in handyman work and various other logistic details for the company.

Robby Smith
office operations & move manager

Our Jack of all trades. Able to jump into almost any role of the company. He supports the office, moves, downsizes, and handles all things electronics/computers for our clients.

Sean Smith
move manager

Sean works on all moves for our company. These include liquidations, furniture moves and the packing of trucks with our client’s goods - making sure to take extra care of the cargo every step of the way.

Walt Townsend
move manager

Our most experienced move manager. Walt can expertely pack a truck for safe delivery to any location. When it comes to packing Valuable items, and large scale moves, Walt is the man for the job.

Susan Wilkins
assistant project manager

An incredible organizer. Susan works very carefully with each client, to make sure their vision of their new home will be exactly what they dreamed of. A great team player.

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