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New Home, New Look!

Discover the transformative journey of an older couple in Blacklick, Ohio, with our ‘New Home; New Look!’ gallery. Suzy’s Helping Hands expertly navigated downsizing and redecoration, turning a new build house into a personalized, stylish home. This gallery showcases our commitment to rejuvenating spaces for life’s new chapters.

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Suzy Smith Featured in Real Producers Magazine!

As a longtime partner affiliate with Columbus REAL PRODUCERS Magazine, we are honored to have our own Suzy Smith recently highlighted as a Featured Affiliate! Check out the full article here!

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Home Staging for Resale

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to stage this stunning large home on the Scioto River in Delaware, Ohio. The home’s grandeur and impeccable attention to detail made it an exciting project for our team. While the property is larger than our typical staging job, we were able to demonstrate our expertise in transforming

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New Relocation

We take pride in providing personalized services, whether it’s large-scale home staging or small moves like helping a gentleman settle into his new home at First Community Village. Our team transformed his space into a comfortable and stylish living area, complete with a dining room, living room, and den.

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